Ramblings to Readable: My Journey in publishing

15 Jun

The initial stage of recording my thoughts had been without an end goal in mind.

Some years after our move to Oregon, my daily battle through the notorious Boston traffic had been displaced by quicker and more relaxed traverses in and throughout Portland and I abandoned the recordings.

When I finally gathered the thirteen 90 minutes audio cassettes from an old shoe box and attempted to listen to them I discovered that they were quite a mess. It was difficult to understand what I was talking about and even more difficult to find much significance or meaning….and it was my voice, which was a bit disheartening.

I persevered in listening to them all and realized that although there was some gem quality information buried in the noise and ramblings, much of it made little sense because it was completely disorganized and without context.

This was an obstacle that could have ended this project for good. What kind of obstacles do you face every day? How do you overcome them?


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