Reflections on the Final Stages of Self-Publishing

14 Jun

This week, I am posting every day about the metamorphosis of my book and how it came to be.

The final draft of my book, The Dad Connection, sent by my publisher, was digitally displayed on my screen when I wandered into my home office this morning. Although I have been working on this writing for a significant number of years now, it was a bit shocking for me to see a formal book cover graphically representing that body of work. I like it and I believe it is quite well done.

In fact, they did a great job.

The content of the book is essentially my personal philosophy filtered through the experience of raising my two boys over a period of about ten years. Years ago while driving to construction job sites in the Boston area I occupied some of the painfully slow and dead time sitting in traffic by voicing some of my thoughts into a tape recorder I had in my truck.

Since practically all of my time in those days was spent either working or taking care of my two sons, Ian & Max the one way conversation to and from work was essentially a monologue of my trials and tribulations with regard to my daily and nightly challenges of parenting.

I had not intended to do anything more than collect my thoughts and understandings of my parenting experience on an audio cassette and hand them off to them much later when they themselves had children of their own.


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