Final Thoughts for a New Graduate

9 Jun

10,000 years ago humans began to establish villages and began developing the process of dividing labor and serving each other. This was much safer and lead to significantly better living. Larger villages that eventually became populated towns grew and more attention was diverted to connection and the language of communication.

When writing was invented it was reserved only for the wealthy or the leadership of the communities. It was believed that letting everybody learn how to write would lead to anarchy and chaos. For real!

When the printing press was invented it scared the ruling elite so much that it was withheld from the general population for fear it would seed unrest and revolution.  The act of “knowing” would be too much for the commoner.

Our own cultural and societal history compels us to take our new technology and the vastly more effective communication and embrace it.  It’s not going away and we are not going to be able to slow it down in the slightest. Moore’s law will end much sooner than expanded communication.

What does this all mean?

When my niece articulated that she (raised with a cell phone as a permanent appendage) wanted to use her newly acquired education and  skill set to build meaningful and permanent relationships, it  reinforced my belief that gen ‘Y’ will  transcend the potential trappings of self interest and find the path to serve humanity in an entirely new and creative way. How gratifying.

Just like during the era of the printing press. A new world is here…again.

Go forth new graduate. Populate and communicate!


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