Technology and Relationships

7 Jun

Technology, ease of connection, and virtual experiences is Pavlovian training to put more attention on the self. It’s not an evil force descending upon the earth like our parents must have thought of the drug enhanced hippie movement.

It is a resultant behavior from the desire for instant gratification and a plethora of self-serving support in the form of smart phone applications with the capability to bring vital information to the user. This is diminishing the need to work at building relationships. As is becoming ever more normal, relationships can happen with considerable ease while still being able to maintain a high degree of focus on self need…thus, seemingly separating us from human contact.

Many older people (and some young-uns too) believe this is the undoing of society or the end of personal connection. This a bit dramatic, I think.

I’ll post more on the history of communication and what it means to us (and especially young graduates!) on Thursday.

Have a great week.


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