Dads on Grads Part 2: Technology is Changing the Way We Interact

2 Jun

The world is changing. With technology, medicine, education and the over lifestyle changing so rapidly it’s hard enough to keep up as it is.

We are on the sharp edge of change every few months now as technology cuts it’s way deeper into every sector of our lives. How can any young person look at their future without some real apprehension for their own financial opportunity in the face of such uncertainty?

Change is always threatening. Deeper more permanent change generally leads to a drift towards self and individualism out of a sense of survival rather than choice.

Gen ‘Y’ is coming and they are even more focused on self and it is the opposite. They are choosing it…they are willing to set aside older style community values and previous generational idealisms for some immediate
benefits today out of choice not survival.

This does not make them lessor people, but it does make them different and significantly different than their parents. They seem to want less but they also want themselves served first. This is different.

I believe that our culture has to evolve to accommodate this new paradigm of incorporating a ‘me first’ behavior…without completely dissolving the human value of serving others.

It is not our challenge but theirs.

Check back next week for more on how relationships are changed with technology.

Thank you for reading.


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