Dad on Grads: Part 1

31 May

It’s graduation season, and I have a few words to share. I’ll post this story in several parts over the next couple of weeks- thank you for reading, and please share your stories of commencement! After all, ‘tis the season!

Ra and I just went to a graduation ceremony for our niece in Boston. She is now a dentist.

During the dozen or so opportunities to exchange conversation during the weekend, we attempted to have a serious discussion about what being a dentist really meant for her. The were many interruptions with many family members and friends but eventually we got some traction on the subject.

She defiantly said she wanted to develop long-standing and meaningful relationships with her patients. I thought that was different so I pressed her for more clarification. She said she remembered her own family dentist and the many visits she had and that somewhere around the time she was in high school she felt a certain level of trust that she enjoyed.

I believe her when she says that money and material gain is not her major objective.

This was refreshing and encouraging. A significant number of young people I speak with now seem to be heavily concerned about financial stability and material success…not that they aren’t thinking about helping others, but that altruistic goal is not as significant. I can’t really blame them especially in this economic culture.

But her attitude was worthy of noting. I’ll discuss more on Thursday, but I think her answer reflects the way our world is so rapidly changing.


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