Adapting as a Parent

26 May

Learning to adapt and change in our relationships can serve us for the rest of our lives in other relationships, in rebuilding our own parent connections, and in deepening the commitment with our brothers and sisters.

Having children can teach us all this! We just have to be willing to learn.

This is not to say that I believe our children are here to teach us. I’ve heard this perspective often and I don’t accept it exactly like that. It is not our children that we are learning from…it is from our effort to love them that we learn.

They are the recipient of our effort and it is in our effort that teaches us…not the child’s ‘teaching’. Our children grow rapidly and most of us are grateful for this and praise it along the way. However, growing at this very normal pace, some how kind of sneaks up on most of us.

They grow out of our grasp sooner than we can change our grip. Changing our grip becomes progressively more difficult as our child grow older.

Practicing our skills at changing along with them early on is crucial and unbelievably important towards establishing a strong emotional bond that can withstand the pressures of the teenage ‘wedge’ that inserts itself later like slow ooze in a campy movie.

We need an emotional bridge welded into place before they take their first trip to boy scouts or swim camp.

Get in the water with them early.


One Response to “Adapting as a Parent”

  1. Bonita Jewel June 1, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    It’s great to read another parent’s blog and posts on parenting. I’m also a “parent blogger”. Please feel free to check out the blog, and a summer contest we’re having. All the best!

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