Growing With Your Child

17 May

Continuing from last weeks discussion, the importance of building a bridge with our children while they are young creates the foundation for the rest of your lives together.

They will still likely leave us in their dust as they peel out of their childish past. However, the emotional bridge work we do before that at least may allow us to stay in contact during the more serious events that will surely unfold.

Building such a bridge requires some actions that may seem extraordinary at the time. In hind sight these actions are simple common sense practices that can be applied within the normal parent-child relationship.

However, it does require an unusual commitment to engage emotionally on a regular basis without prejudice or judgment. This sounds reasonable but it is surprisingly difficult.

We quite naturally develop opinions (often very strong opinions) early on about our children. This is one of the ways in which we build understanding.

This is alright, but when we glue this opinion to our children, and as they quite naturally begin to express themselves a little differently, we generally do not adjust our attachment fast enough (or at all) because it becomes an attachment that we choose not to release.

Having the understanding to detach our opinion, judgment, or prejudice, when we witness a different behavior is key to establishing a clear path to our children.

Thank you for reading my post and check back in on Thursday as I continue the discussion of allowing your relationship to grow. Please feel free to comment.


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