Build Relationships Early and Watch Them Grow

12 May

I have a close friend who is in the throws of parenting. He has two children ages 11 and 14 from a previous marriage and now two small children ages 1 and 3.

You can begin to imagine the challenges that he faces every day.

The weekends are over the top difficult. Trying to balance the demands of two very different family dynamics along with the extreme differences in requirements from the young teenagers opposed to the toddlers is rather foreboding.

Even in a regular setting where our toddlers slowly grow into their teenage life we have significant challenges trying to orient ourselves to their rapidly expanding consciousness. Keeping up with it is most difficult.

How in the world does one do it with essentially two different families and only one body!

If this dad (and a wonderful dad he is) would have had the understanding to build an emotional bridge to his first two children before his two new ones came along he would have a significantly better chance to stay above water. Now he goes under regularly.
It is no one’s fault exactly; it is just an extraordinary situation.

Building an emotional bridge to our children while they are young is a conscious thing we can do.

This bridge can make the kind of connection that will serve us beautifully when our kids inevitably undergo their chameleon behavior as teenagers.

Do you or anyone you know have an extraordinary parenting situation? How did you get through the challenges?

Stop by next week for more on building relationships with your children. Thank you for reading!


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