Summer Guests and Relationships

10 May

Over the summer months, Ra and I host a lot of guests- and take great pleasure in showing them the sights of our adopted home state.

We may have taken the Portland tram ride up to OHSU a dozen times by now or driven to the Beautiful Columbia River Gorge 20 times, but every time we take someone new we get to absorb their sensation as they experience it for the first time.

This always feels good.

We live in an incredibly beautiful and energizing environment. There are probably 30 great and interesting restaurants in the metropolitan area, not to mention the staggering number of different beer shops and boutique shops offering everything from finishing salts to rare refined olive oils. Who wouldn’t love this! We can never see all the creative and unique bands that pocket themselves in the smallest of venues all around this free-spirited little big town, even if we went out every weekend.

I make reference in my book about raising children that “relationships are built, they don’t just happen”. Certainly this is true for our children but I think this is even more true for adult relationships, and in fact, it just might be more important. We can stumble into many relationships in casual encounters, meetings, and shared events, but making them special takes some effort.

Often it is simple…it just has to be conscious.  Treating people with regard for their pleasure and comfort is a treat but it can go a long way to building a first-class connection that becomes nourishing both ways. Basing a relationship on mutual regard for each others interests and preferences is not too much of a sacrifice and in many cases it may turn out not to be a sacrifice at all.

This type of ‘mindset’ gives any relationship a better than even chance of building into something meaningful and valuable. In the end relationships are what we take with us…we know we can’t take the money, we will have no use for property, and our position in society will be worth little.

I believe we will, however, be able to take the feelings of all the relationships we have built to that date and those feelings will provide us with the kind of comfort that releases us from the ties of this life and frees our soul to go where it needs to go. Why not…it’s worth considering; what’s the downside?

Next week we go to Chicago to celebrate the graduation of our niece, who is then returning with us to live here while she attends a post grad program internship as OHSU.
Let the summer begin!


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