The Road to Publishing The Dad Connection

4 May

When I began this ‘self publishing’ journey several months ago I had very little idea of how to do it. What I now realize is that web publishing does not necessarily mean ‘self’ publishing. There is a hybrid out there now.

I reviewed 3 Internet publishing companies and decided to hire Create Space.

Although I am supplying all the information to them via email, they do the hard work of organizing it into an ordinary conventional book format. They also provide professional artistic suggestion and implementation as they go along which is invaluable. Create Space offers copy editing and the creating of promotional copy tailored to the author’s personality and style for which I contracted as well.

In effect, Create Space functions like a publishing house with the exception that they don’t assume any financial risk….they charge an upfront fee which is quite reasonable  and they have a surprisingly qualified and experienced staff.

The upside for me is that the majority of the future sales revenue from the book go directly to the author. Even if the book has mild commercial success it won’t take much in sales to compensate me for my upfront costs.

Clearly the author does most of the heavy lifting, but this hybrid type of publishing is effective and it has served my needs well. I have complete control (oops…this is a word for which I have considerable conflict; I have to find a better word, something between ‘management’ and ‘control’) over the content and graphic presentation.

To that end I also hired Scene Marketing, a local social media and marketing company, in order to insure that my decisions were congruent with my image and personality. I imagine it might be difficult to separate ego, personal attachment and static vision for most authors at this point in the process so having this group acting as my non-subjective advocate is invaluable.

The ‘packaging’ of the author is especially important when it comes time to promote the book later on. They will continue to advise me and assist me through the first year of commercial marketing after the book is released. Nowadays it is critical to have a web presence and this takes particular skills, which thankfully are increasingly available as young smart business oriented people lean heavily and enthusiastically into cyber-space business.

I am now on the back end of my efforts. I have a completed edited manuscript, of which I am very happy, and have taken recent photos for the front and back cover.

I decided to use the image of a bridge on the cover to support the title. I also collected several ‘testimonials’ from friends and professionals in the field, and I secured a forward written by a published psychologist which should add needed credibility to the book.

Next week I will meet with my marketing team and we will determine placement and final copy of the biography and acknowledgements pages. I then send the whole mess to the publisher.

Create Space will organize everything including all copy and photos into a rough draft of the final book and we will take a look for our final review. We then make any changes we want and send back for them to incorporate. We then sign off on the changes. Once we have formal acceptance of all changes they print!

This entire process will take about 3 months which means we should have a printed copy somewhere around September 1st.

Approximately 13 years after inception!

Whew…it was a great deal work and considerable effort. I feel fortunate that I was able to attract very, very good people to help me along the way and that the opportunity to take advantage of the Internet was available to me.

It would not have been the case even 4 to 6 years ago. It is probably a blessing that the book took so long to get to this place. I look forward to the next period of promoting and marketing and continue working with my team at Scene. They are first class professional people and fun to boot!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my journey of my book The Dad Connection. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon.


2 Responses to “The Road to Publishing The Dad Connection”

  1. Dr. Tom Bibey May 4, 2011 at 2:42 am #

    As we say in music, “TJC.” (The Journey Continues) I just posted of the process on my blog. Good luck on your journey!

    Dr. B, author, “The Mandolin Case”

  2. Dawn Damico June 18, 2011 at 4:19 am #

    Hey Scott,
    Congratulations on taking the steps to get your book published! I wish you great success – it sounds like you’re experiences may help Fathers stay connected with their kids and build a stronger future. As a parent, I think that making our kids strong and confident is our most important role. Thank you and best of luck for you success… Dawn Damico

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