Final Thoughts: Yin and Yang.

6 Apr

I believe that men who can learn how to nurture their children can also learn how to nurture their adult relationships.

This is a game changer.

When men go into a relationship with a committed desire to nourish and connect emotionally the world will change….it has to because this type of exchange creates unification, not separation.

The symbol of the yin and yang are not separate…you rarely see one represented with out the other. They symbolize the unified strength of two opposites merging with mutual commitment to serve the others interests. Wouldn’t this be the perfect partnership?

If we are fortunate enough to have children in our lives and/or a desired relationship,  making the effort to express and to put a little yin with our yang into actual practice, then we might just have extraordinary experiences and meaningful exchanges. I would imagine that these efforts only deepen with time.

Men embracing yin and women embracing yang can change the essential nature of any relationship and ultimately lead to a unification that has the power to change the state of awareness not only within the relationship but within the world.


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