Embracing the Feminine: Yin & Yang Part 4

31 Mar

I had the unique opportunity to have the custody of my two boys when they were quite young (5 & 7).

My system began to open to ways of nurturing simply because it was required. At first while lying in bed reading to both boys, I started accessing my ‘feminine’ side. Far from feeling awkward it felt deeply satisfying. Soon it felt natural to ‘nourish’ first and structure later.

Blending the yin and yang of my energy made me whole and allowed me to have a significantly greater sense of my responsibilities which then extended into my ‘yang’ duties with regard to support and protection as well. I was having an emotionally expressive connection with my boys!

This yin/yang experience continued to grow and began to slowly seep into my adult relationships. I was increasingly  able to connect with other men and women on meaningful levels. Most people see me as a ‘man’s man,’ which is perfectly fine. I was a star Rugby player in college, had a strong male presence and plenty of testosterone. But I truly understood the beauty of the feminine side of life and learned to embrace it when I began to take full responsibility of raising my kids.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been thrown into that role.

I believe our world culture is slowly bending in the direction of the feminine. It has been too far on the other side for too long. This is a good thing and is gaining more and more acceptance. Women are strengthening their own core sense of who they are as contributors and men are sensitizing themselves to the emotional energies that they have successfully avoided for centuries.

There’s a change a-comin’!


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