Yin & Yang: Part 3, The Resurgence of Femininity

29 Mar

YI am reading an interesting book now called Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality by Linda Savage. She brings out many great insights about the feminine and male energies that are part of our natural and evolutionary wiring.

Linda says that for the last few thousand years, society has created ‘roles’ for the woman and ‘roles’ for the man in partnerships, and in particular where children are involved. Conventionally the mom is responsible for the majority of the ‘nourishing’ and the father is responsible for the majority of the ‘protection’ and support for the kids. This all seems quite normal and to most of us it is a completely acceptable behavior and use of respective energies.

However, as Ms. Savage  believes,

“There has been a resurgence of paternal responsibility since the 70’s. This is a return to the natural Mother/Father/Trinity. Many men have embraced the role of father…and don’t customarily remove themselves from child-rearing duties during the first year. Fathers are holding and nurturing their infants, thereby experiencing emotions that had been purposely suppressed by patriarchal conditioning in the past. Perhaps humanity is returning to a more egalitarian way of life. We are witnessing the resurgence of feminine qualities in many other ways exemplified by extolling the strength of vulnerable emotions.” In other words the father is becoming yin! How great this is…the balance of masculine and feminine energies and behaviors.”

This perspective has led to my ongoing series on dualities of relationships- the yin and the yang. What are some other ways we’ve seen a resurgence of feminine qualities in society? Has the same been true of masculine qualities?

I’ll be back Thursday with more questions- and maybe some answers.


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