Yin and Yang of Relationships: Part 2

24 Mar

Earlier this week, I wrote about balance: Yin and Yang. The dualities inherent in all of us play a special role in our relationships. To read the first installation of this series, click here.

What has Yin and Yang got to do with relationships? A lot! The interaction between opposite energies can easily build resistance as it invariably creates flow. And yet a good functioning relationship has the appearance of everything going in the same direction (on the surface it seems like a contradiction, I know).

It is the conscious blending of the male and female opposing energies in a partnership that makes a successful long-term relationship by creating a flow that goes in the same direction.

Typically most partnerships create a division of labor, so to speak, in an attempt to minimize resistance and maximize flow.

One may do the nurturing and the other the physical work for instance. One may decide on the clothes to buy the children and the other decides when they should be home at night. It can go on and on. You can surmise which partner does which. This does indeed represent the yin and yang of life but it doesn’t necessarily make for a good relationship by itself. In the above case there isn’t much blending of the male and female energies but there is a lot of expression on many levels.

These are two people in a relationship- but not having a relationship.

More to come next week on this topic! In the meantime, I’ll be working away on getting this book published…


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