Awe Part 2

10 Mar

To continue a story I began Tuesday, I was sitting down and talking with a young woman who was still in the fledgling stages of her marriage, and we were talking about the “Wow” factor in their relationship.

I asked her if it was still there and a vital part of their relationship.

She thought for a longer period and finally said that she wasn’t sure. I went on to talk about the fact that for most of us in meaningful and deep relationships, there is probably an ‘awe’ factor somewhere in there.

It is a core factor in our initial connection, and if we are lucky we can stay in touch with it or at least find access to it as we grow through the first several years of worldly pressures. For others, as a relationship becomes more complicated and encumbered with the stress and issues of the daily process, we can all too easily lose the sense of “awe”.

She looked at me and her enthusiasm began to grow. She nodded to me and said, “You want me to find the ‘awe’ again?” I said, “Yes”, and added that working inward to keep the ‘awe’ close in our thoughts and consciously present in our interactions keeps the relationship in the best possible position to grow together rather than apart.

The stress of just living and trying to find our spot in this world is incredibly disruptive to most relationships. If we want to hold the affection, passion, and desire for eachother through these distracting tensions, we have to work at remembering the ‘awe’ that inspired us to make the commitment to marriage in the first place.

‘Awe’ is not in every relationship…in fact it is not all that common.

But when we do experience it we should try to remember it and keep it fresh. We can do this by articulating it frequently and taking special care not to let it disappear beneath the noise and chaos of the outer life we are trying to create.


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