Trust Part 1

24 Feb

Trust is a big, big part of any successful relationship. Real trust in any relationship is first based upon belief, and later based on experience.

There is a significant difference in trust with regards to our relationships with our children than in our adult relationships, but trust is big in both.

Adults share many more two-way exchanges that are expected and anticipated to be equal. As an adult relationship grows, it becomes more complicated. Each exchange requires both parties to open more and become more trusting.

Adult relationships merge with each of the two parties having pre-set patterns, values, and behaviors that can be completely congruent, very much in conflict or somewhere in between. We discover this as we become more familiar with the other person.

We begin drawing lines of trust and if we are fortunate, we engage discussions in these areas of trust and get clarification. Most relationships have great difficulty ascertaining just how much and in what areas one can trust the other person…and this may change as the bond grows deeper!

Trust ultimately becomes the single most important facet of a deeply meaningful relationship.


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