Update on Self Publishing

1 Feb

Today was the official start of formally planning my book publication. I contracted with the e-publisher to create the piece.

Once I determine a title (several of which are being reviewed as we speak by a somewhat objective team of very nice people) the publisher will create a graphic cover, build out the format and write a promotional text for Amazon. With that I will have the meat of a book and will submit it to the publisher and anxiously wait for the first copy to arrive. This should take a total of a couple of months. I will know the title by next week. Perhaps some of you will have some graphic ideas?

So far the process of self publishing has been relatively easy. I think the hard part is coming up…I will have to let go of some preconceived ideas and the ‘look’ of the book. I can’t imagine that all the objective feedback I am asking for will match my ideas. However I trust that the ultimate decisions will be best and I look forward to getting the material in print and having an actual book in my hands. That is going to be pretty nice feeling after such a long time in the making.

I’ll read it a few more times and make some minor changes before I release the final copy to them. It is a bit like an artist that always wants to go back to his work and make changes based on his new understandings or perhaps a different view he may have discovered. Since I began writing the book several years ago many small aspects of my understanding have changed…not in meaning but in articulation. I feel continuously compelled to make those changes. But once the thing is printed it becomes too late and that is probably a good thing. It becomes the forced stopping point.

More to come…..


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