Connectivity in a World with Internet

26 Jan

A recent letter I wrote to my boys regarding a discussion we had about the Internet and the nature of how it both connects and disconnects people. Here, I discuss the part it may play in our personal growth.

Hi Boys,
I have some thoughts on our discussion the other day. I believe that the Internet and the young people of it is the new “green” engine for the scientific revolution of which we are currently immersed…and it is not to be stopped. In fact, it will most likely continue to accelerate. It is invasive and here to stay. The world is obviously changing rapidly.

Tomorrows humans (perhaps your children) may be very confused with regard to their personal understanding and philosophical perspective…21st and 22nd science will challenge all present spiritual foundations. Most all basic religions will attempt to assert themselves but will fall surprisingly short, and the subtle psychic forces (like love) that attract and bind most of us together will likely become disjointed and reconfigured in an attempt to try to fit in. This will be difficult to navigate  for most people…but I have some ideas for you to consider.

A young person today may be able to distinguish themselves from the 10 billion other humans twenty years from now by using their present day relationships to ‘practice’ connecting. The ability to develop and build a connection to the  diminishing and diluted life force within another human will be an enormous advantage in the not-too-distant future. I urge you to start practicing, because it may get much harder as science continues to drive our “spirit’ in all kinds of directions.


Ian, Max and me at Max's graduation.

In the future (30-50 years) real spiritual consciousness will be rare. Religions will make a desperate and aggressive attempt to survive by surfing on the superficial aspects of spirituality; there is a real possibility that the best part of spirituality could be  lost forever to most people. Components of this paradigm have been in development for the last 50 years in other regions around the world and are accelerating rapidly towards a monumental crash. I don’t think we can get out of the way of it but, individually perhaps, we can begin to build our respective capacity to connect now. This way, we can have a better chance later when there will be much more confusion with regard to spiritual parts of our religions.

It is not too soon for you, Ian and Max, to strive for clarity and genuine connection in every one of our current human contacts. This takes a serious effort, but will help build a truly vital internal mechanism that can distinguish you two from most all others. In this way you can truly become exceptional. I urge you to think about this with each of your relationships. They are all important but only if you treat them as such. By practicing now, perhaps you will be in position that when our societal system undergoes a new reality shift (combination of science and spirit…singularity) you will be able to have a clear and expressible sense of what ‘connection’ truly is and stand above the crowd and be heard.

I further believe that unless we can impact another person’s life through connection and our capacity to change, or even the possibility of change, we probably haven’t made a deep enough effort. I also believe that we change the most when we make that effort to connect to another human being with true care and regard.

And…it is this effort that frees us and allows us to rise above our limitations, whatever may be placed in our way…including the Internet!


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