Idealism- You CAN Effect Change.

6 Jan

My son’s generation has become defeated with the idea that they cannot realistic make an impact and change this world in a meaningful way. I look at them and the opportunities they had versus the ones I had in the 60’s, a time for idealism, and I find their attitude to be misplaced.

I try to remember what we were thinking and/or feeling. As I try to capture my understanding I also am trying to get a hold of my old feelings.

This is a bit more difficult because our feelings are naturally going to be influenced pretty heavily by today’s maturity. If we try hard enough we can dredge up the original feelings as well.

This is fun because if we do get to them they feel like new again. I find it really nice. This can be one of the many fabulous and indirect beauty of having kids….we can retrieve old important emotional components of who we were then.

Realizing that these emotions, to a great extent, helped make us who we are today…now it gets interesting.

Our kids are changing the world….they just can’t feel it actually doing anything.

Our kids want quick gratification and they are going to have to learn how to work around that challenge. I believe they will feel it later. I do believe real change happens the instant it is recognized but that it often takes a very long time to recognize.

Our kids have less patience. Hard to blame them…our technology is presenting enormous challenges to the conventional time line of learning.

I am a little saddened that kids today in general don’t say that they have the same enthusiasm or optimism that I remember having, but I think it is there. As I reflect on my time as a young person I am extremely grateful that I had the time and opportunity to delve into the imaginary universe of “making a difference’.

I never want to lose that and my kids throw me back there all the time. Without that personal perspective I think parenting could be hazardous.


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