Service to Others.

24 Dec

In the spirit of the holidays and our sojourn to New York, Ra and I decided to focus our stay on catering to guests. Some may think of this as a lot of work for a vacation!

Actually it was work, but from the get go it was more pleasure than work. Every time Robin and I began to consider what each guest would most enjoy, we found ourselves building our own excitement and expectation. The experiences we plan for them become our experiences as well, and we are looking forward to it all.

I am clearly understanding the value of making an effort to provide our guests with as incredible an experience as we can muster. I think we are saying to each of them that we care, that we have regard, and most importantly we have their interests as ours. I actually think we are the winners here because their pleasure becomes ours, as trite as that sounds.

I mean don’t we all live for some pleasure? After taking care of our basic needs don’t we try to find love, family, friends, fun, and on and on. It’s all about pleasure. It’s a beautiful endeavor.

The early years of being with my boys were truly great training for me in order to practice creating pleasurable experiences. I’m sure we all endeavor to provide wonderful experiences for our children. First of all it was fairly easy because as little kids they could be easily entertained. Not that adults are so difficult, but adults generally require more thought and planning. I truly believe this phenomenal exercise of taking care of people to whom we are close is important for our systems if we really want to grow beyond our own limitations…limitations that are set rather early in our lives. Serving someone else’s interests provides us with the opportunity to build connection, build trust, and build relationships.
In the end our money won’t serve us, the cars don’t help in the slightest, and real estate doesn’t do much. What is significant is who we have in our lives and how those people regard us. Their regard will be a response to our participation in their lives previous to our departure…whatever it is we have created by the level or our willingness to connect and focus on their interests.

It is a simple formula but incredibly difficult to pull through our entire lives and I am extremely grateful that our time in New York has provided us with such wonderful opportunity.


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