A Fast-Paced Day in NYC.

22 Dec

We woke up to glistening sunlight and cool brisk air.

Ra and I took a morning walk about 20 yards for breakfast. Next, we cabed it uptown to visit another friend who found herself in the Asian antiquities business and felt compelled to move to NYC to get serious about it and let her business grow. It worked! Now she is connected to the better galleries. Her art pieces are exceptional.

Then we rushed all the way down town to the financial center adjacent to Ground Zero. Ten years later, it still makes an enormous emotional impact. They have begun the digging and construction of the first of several structures to replace the twin towers, and even though nearly all the visual cues from pre 2001 are gone, tears still filled my eyes.
We met with a Chicago client who has a small satellite office here, and then scurried over to Century 21, a clothing outlet that makes Nordstrom Rack look like a kiosk. Pretty amazing.

Next we jumped onto the rails to train it back to our apartment in mid town and greet two of our best friends from home.

Since they were getting in late, we meandered 3 blocks around the corner to have some St Louis style ribs and pulled pork. Delicious yet again…it never gets dull.

Finally to bed with friends in house.


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