River Café

17 Dec

We made our way to the River Café in Brooklyn (a NYC landmark for over 30 years).

I remember being here thirty two years ago with a small group of very young friends as we ourselves were starting a restaurant and wanted to know everything. At that time the River Café was the newest exciting restaurant in New York. For some reason the owner and chef gladly spent the better part of the day showing us everything about what they were doing.

The experience significantly impacted the style and quality of our food and was critical in the ability of our restaurant achieving the national Mobil 4 star rating in its fourth year of business. Strangely my memory had misplaced much of this important experience until today. How does time do that?

Today there were different chefs and I knew nobody, but the food was incredible and I left somewhat amazed that a restaurant cold still be this good after 34 years. Somewhere deep inside I felt a sense of admiration and a small vicarious sense of sharing in their unusual long term success.

We hailed a cab and returned to our apartment completely satisfied. I was massaged by many little memories bubbling to the surface as our cabbie gunned it from light to light. I’ll never figure out why they think flooring it to get 30 feet and wait gets them anywhere any faster.


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