NYC Part 3

15 Dec

The exquisite weather held up nicely as we decided to explore some of the local neighborhoods. It is wonderfully abundant with cafes, coffee shops and “gourmet” food.

I guess all the food is Gourmet in NY. Practically every shop pulls you in with sexy or visual cues in the window. No city does it better, and it is actually very special-an artform to itself.

Ra and me overlooking the city.


It is surprising yet admirable how much incredibly valuable space is dedicated to parks and nature; albeit small (with the exception of Central Park).

Living in Portland, nature is second nature…if not first for some. In NY, nature is created then constructed and then maintained at considerable cost. In my opinion it is one of the exceptional aspects of this great city…it probably helps keep people sane and human more than they know.

As our day of trekking brings us full circle and back home, our inevitable quandary licks at our heels…where to eat dinner? There are literally dozens of choices, and  all of them good. We look into windows, read menus, and when we finally realize we just can’t put it off any longer, we fall into the next eatery.

It turns out to be amazing.


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