Day Two: NYC

13 Dec

Our second day in the city we began trekking…no cabs for us! It’s interesting how after walking for 20 blocks you don’t really know you just walked over 2 miles…then you just keep on going!

Now, the neighborhoods started to tickle some memories. The weather was unseasonably warm and pleasantly sunny. I don’t remember so many bars
and restaurants, but they are everywhere; each one appealing and inviting. How do they do that?

I particularly enjoy the energy and movement of large masses of people, walking in order with an unspoken discipline as the little hand across the street turns from orange
to white.

In what seems like an instant, the street is flooded with people and just as seamlessly the bodies are instantly replaced with a sea of yellow taxis. This cycle goes on endlessly. Where do all the taxis come from anyhow? It must take the size of a small Indiana farm to house them all.

Now they come with digital video screens embedded into the backs of the front seats which serve as advertisements and credit card processing stations. It is easy and incredibly efficient. Many cabbies now don’t even carry cash due to the potential of robbery.

So much has changed but so much is the same. The buildings are unbelievably tall and beautiful, just as I remembered.

Somehow they manage to squeeze a 20 story apartment building into a lot the size of a large Rose Parade float. Space is a premium and every square inch inside these buildings gets used.

It gets to be a bit much when you have to sandwich yourself between a 10 foot rack of bottled water and the register in order to pay in Whole Foods as yet another busy human attempts to get by. It is the way, however and New Yorkers have adapted.


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