Book Updates

7 Dec

I have decided to self-publish my book online. It’s looking more and more likely that the Internet is going to displace a significant portion of the conventional publishing format…especially with regard to the younger generation.

There are a large number of parents that are just beginning their journey through the jungle of parenthood, and I’m assuming that the Internet is the best venue for it. If any of you that are currently reading my blog, I will  take you through my experience, in case you are interested in publishing what you are writing, or if you’ve gone through this process and have pearls of wisdom to share yourself.

At first glance, the online publishing process is simple. At least it appears that way. I have researched several Internet publishing entities that assist and support to varying degrees. I have chosen to use CreateSpace because they appear to be the right fit. I also hired a promotion firm called Scene Marketing Group to help me once the book is in print.

There are hard costs associated with this process in addition to my time, but if the book is even moderately successful I will recoup the investment. I’m sure the content and writing will be the single biggest factor deciding the fate of the book, so I guess it’s better if it’s me who stands to gain or loose.

I believe in the writing and I believe in my choice of people to help me. I have spoken to several conventional publishers and it is difficult to believe that they would have my best interests as their priority, which also supports my decision to self-publish. So I am going forward and am looking forward to engaging the process.

More to come…


2 Responses to “Book Updates”

  1. Marjie Knudsen December 7, 2010 at 6:34 pm #

    Congrats Scott! Smart move to hire a marketing group. Best to you!

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