Loving Deeply. Part 6.

2 Dec

This is the final installment of my continuing series on love. If you’d like to take it in from the beginning, visit: Part 1: Love Evolution , Part 2: Where is Love Now , Part 3: Is Love Really All you Need , Part 4: Love, What’s in a Word? and Part 5: Love Means Work.


Our early Primate ancestors survived for millions of years without the need to love.

But as safety, food and shelter (and therefore survival) began to be threatened by global climate shifts and dwindling food supplies a new species of human evolved.

This new type of upright walking ape began to create community, and building relationships with each other became a necessity. Slowly love became part of the equation.

It was very simple in the beginning. It was the binding agent to human relationships…the glue.

Today the glue is diluted with so many expressions that it doesn’t just work all by itself…although we seem to be stuck on the idea that it does. I believe we have to break it down and express it in its many wonderful parts in order for it to be what it is supposed to be: the glue not the goo!


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