The Evolution of Love: Part 1

15 Nov

This is the beginning of a six-part series on Love- check back in soon for the latest installment!


I think we give love, as a term describing part of our cultural life, far too much credit, importance, and air time. I’ll explain…

First of all, where does love come from even? What is it exactly? Love, as it is used nowadays, encompasses many, many attributes so let’s begin with some other concepts that are a bit more specific and are a part of the original beginning of our species; homo sapien.

Evolutionists are struggling with what came first; consciousness (the awareness of our life with respect to time and space) or self (our sense of importance, ‘ego’). Both are vague and incredibly difficult to pin down in a scientific Darwinian model or a specific genetic adaptation. But both are most definitely a highly significant part of the fabric of our culture for as far back as we can trace (somewhere about 1 million years).

Before that, it is not apparent how much of either consciousness or self impacted our behavior. Most evidence (science) indicates that it has been a progressive process beginning with minute amounts of both and expanding into today’s current culture that tends to bunch these two behaviorally based and fundamental understandings into a over simplified concept we now refer to as love.

Keep an eye out for Part 2: Where is Love Now?


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