Learning Pace

4 Nov
My sons were brought into this world in nearly identical ways and lived their first five years in very similar styles. I am fairly certain that I treated them similarly, yet they are very different from one another. Although they seem to share similar core values, they have considerably different operating values.

For example, my older son does not yet know the value of hard work, but my younger son does. I do not even try to understand this difference; it just is. Each person seems to be wired in a unique way that meets his or her needs.

We, as parents, may impact their behavior, attitudes, and values, but we cannot generally change the wiring. Furthermore, I believe that each person has specific senses that guide his or her understanding. These may be greatly influenced by their family environment but they are not completely determined by it.

Some things take much longer than we wish. We all want our children to learn and practice good behaviors, such as expressing gratitude, being polite, helping others, learning the piano, etc. and we cannot wait for them to learn to say, “Thank you.”

I, for one, know a few young men who are exceptionally polite and grateful adults, but could not say these words during their younger years. All children require considerable patience while they discover and learn about quality behaviors.

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