Patience with your Children

13 Oct

In my last blog post, I wrote about patience.

In our adult relationships we have to have patience, but we tend to be more accommodating in general. I imagine that if we did as much for an adult friend as we do for our children, we would expect much more in return. We cannot have these expectations of our children- and here’s why.

We should expect our kids to explore and challenge their boundaries. Expect them:

  • to attempt to discover why they feel the way they do.
  • to be distracted and seemingly uninvolved.
  • to create all kinds of difficult and challenging issues.

We should realize that they are indeed going to require time to test various aspects of their quickly changing lives. Patience on the part of the parent becomes crucial; otherwise unnecessary tension will result, which hinders the bridge’s ability to facilitate connection.

Creating tension is like putting roadblocks on the bridge. We’ve all wished our parents had been more patient on occasion and felt the tension that their limited understanding produced. Children learn core behaviors at different rates and times in life—different even from when we learned them, and different from when their siblings or friends will learn them.

Children discover life’s complexity as they go…and they go faster these days.


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