15 Sep

Water always, always takes the path of least resistance. That doesn’t mean that water won’t tear the hell out of where it goes however. If there is enough force behind the water it can carve through stone. We all see this in every beautiful park and every fantastic water fall. Water flows.

I believe that the energy between two masses (for the sake of simplicity lets consider the two masses are two people…but flow truly exists between nearly everything that has energy) is in many ways an experience with flow. It is very much like standing in a river. If someone is hysterical and screaming wildly while pointing a gun at our head we are caught up in a strong flow. It someone is quietly guiding us through a meditation we are also caught up in a strong flow. There are extremes on both ends of the spectrum, but in every interaction with another human being there is always some flow of energy to experience. We can do a number of things to either enhance or diminish the experience.

Many times we can even step out of it and not have any flow at all…but then we are missing the experience.

Click the image above to read a poem on Flow by Walt Hardester. Image via mr_fairuz.

Every contact with another person is an opportunity to experience a flow. If the flow isn’t extreme and rather subtle instead, then it takes some work and some consciousness to first feel this flow and then to interact with this flow. Taking a moment (or even two) to relax our own energy flow will help us feel and connect to the flow outside of us and hence the interaction of the connection. If we are dealing with our child this is even more crucial. It is the first step to a clear perspective. Relaxing our own energy also may help us ascertain if we even want or can be in this flow; for often we do have a choice.

In those extraordinary situations where we simply do not have a choice, going with the flow may be the only alternative. In any case, knowing that practically every interaction is a representation of a flow, in most cases quieting our own flow is a great advantage, even a path of least resistance.

Never underestimate the force of flow over time.


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