How to Apply Service to your Family Life

10 Sep

Last week, I wrote about my path to learning the meaning of service. An understanding of true service is necessary for relationships with children, siblings, parents, spouses, and friends.

However, it can be most difficult with our children.

The feedback from adults is clearer – adults can communicate their needs, while kids might have considerable difficulty articulating their needs and their preferences. We might have to do some guesswork.

We can never go wrong by helping our kids enjoy the brief and amazing life phase we call “childhood.” This was my goal in serving my children. Although they certainly did not understand it at the time, they have only terrific and wonderful memories of their childhood.

I think service takes practice….lots of practice. Fortunately we have more than enough opportunities in any given day to do it, especially with our kids. But we have to want to do it and we have to believe in its value. Many years ago I bought into the value of service and today I am very grateful. It has helped me build fantastically rich and deep relationships and provided me an opportunity to connect to many different types of people with a effective capacity to help support their lives.


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